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Statement of Purpose

DP Training Pty Ltd - Developing Personnel Training & Consultancy is a registered training organisation which specialises in adult vocational education and training for the Community Services, Health and Business industries.

Our Vision and Mission statement reflects our commitment to these industries, the employees within it, the community and community members they serve.

Our training organisation is dedicated to the provision of training programs to all community members and service providers in the industries of Community Service, Aged Care, Disability & Health  Providers and including the Business Sector.

We can provide flexible training solutions both on and off the job, in addition to E –Learning and distance education. We take our services/trainers where they are needed to support the development and skills of all students, employees and staff.




Skill Development


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It is our vision to assist the community and service providers in gaining skilled and competent personnel through a training structure, which is fully recognised in Australia.

To foster quality training environments for all participants and a trusted partnership with service providers in a mutual commitment to the ongoing education and professional development of staff, both new & existing.


To provide to industry innovative, flexible training solutions and customizable programs to develop our future workforce.

Our training organisation is committed to providing innovative programs and services that will allow community members and service staff to get the training and professional development they need to perform their responsibilities. This will assure the safety and wellbeing of the broader community members they assist. The courses and programs enhance and increase knowledge of appropriate practices in their field.

Fundamental Principles

Developing Personnel Training & Consultancy is guided by the following Fundamental Principles:

  • the right of people to make choices in their own lives;
  • the right of people to dignity, respect, privacy and confidentiality;
  • the right of people to be valued as individuals;
  • the right of people to access quality services/training;
  • the right of the community to accountable and responsive services.


The objectives pursued by Developing Personnel Training & Consultancy are:

  • to provide the service delivery agents with high quality training options
  • to provide community members and employees with the opportunity to diversify their work experiences within the business, community services & health sector
  • to provide community members and employees with the opportunity for personal development and training suitable to their individual aspirations.
  • We will be a fair, equitable and supportive, meeting our financial and other obligations to our students promptly and efficiently.
  • We will encourage them to participate in further education and provide them with opportunities for further professional development
  • to ensure that our RTO operates in an effective, efficient and accountable manner.
  • to ensure programs and courses will be of high quality and reflect the principles of adult learning.
  • to recognise and appreciate the participants individual needs and learning styles, provide opportunities for negotiated learning and self-directed learning, encourage ongoing evaluation and positive reinforcement, create an appropriate, relaxed learning environment, and establish pathways to other learning opportunities.
  • to respect the rights of our participants, trainers, employees and clients, and treat them fairly and ethically at all times. In return we expect them to observe their responsibilities for the welfare of others and the proper care of the organisation's property when engaged in activities conducted by the organisation.
  • to exercise sound financial management in all areas of our operation, including the control of the organisations’ assets, and will plan, monitor and regularly report on our progress against our plans to ensure our continuing viability.
  • to be ethical in all our dealings and will observe all relevant legislative, regulatory, industrial award and funding requirements.
  • to endorse the standards of ASQA and the Australian Qualifications Framework for the documentation of our policies and procedures, the consistent delivery of our courses and support services, and ongoing improvement in all areas of our operation.

Developing Personnel Training & Consultancy specialises in adult education for community members wanting to enter employment in the community services,health or business industry or to upgrade their current skills and career options within these services in addition to providing services to providers/enterprises/business for the future workforce development in these Industries.

DP Training & Consultancy is your preferred partner in your Workforce Development, let us support you and your organistaion to reach your goals.  


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