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DO you want to convert your existing skills & knowledge into a nationally recognised qualification?

Do you want to gain a Nationally recognised qualification? If you have existing knowledge and skills within an industry and you are seeking to advance your career then RPL (Recognition of prior learning) could be the option for you.

RPL is an evaluation technique that reviews yiour current professional experience and industry knowledge and matches it against the competency necessary to gain the Nationally Recognised Qualification.

RPL is an option within the Australian Qualifications Framework and is a technique used to gain a qualification within the Vocational Training and Education Sector.

RPL gives you the opportunity to gain your qualification, without the need to study for the full qualification, based on your professional and industry experience that will meet the requirements of the qualification. The evaluation procedure reviews your skills, knowledge, professional & industry experience and matches them against the perfomance criteria for each unit of competency within the qualification and required industry standards. 

RPL is an abbreviated term for Recogition of prior learing, it is an assessment only pathway that can be utilised to recognise the skills, knowledge and expereince you have gained through working within an industry over a period of time, you rlife experiences, training both accredited or non acreddited, short courses and general skills gained without an academic qualification. 

The Benefits
  • ​It saves you time and money
  • It's a quick and easy process
  • It can enhance your career opportunities
  • No Class room attendance
  • No repition of already gained training
  • You can meet industry standards
  • Gain professional development
  • You can gain a Nationally Recognised Qualification

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