Audit Compliance

As a Pre-Qualified Supplier under the User Choice 2010-2016 program , DP Training Pty Ltd is required to publish audit information in relation to it's compliance with the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF)/ Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

The User Choice Program provides public funding paid directly to Pre-Qualified Supplier for the delivery of accredited entry level training to eligible Apprentices and Trainees.

The AQTF/SNR is the National set of Standards which assures Nationally consistent, high quality training and assessment services for clients of Vocational Education and Training Services.

The AQTF/ASQA audits and  reviews evidence of an organisations compliance with the AQTF/SNR Essential Conditions of Initial/Continuing Registration to confirm that it is achieving quality training and assessment outcomes. The process also identifies opportunities for improvements on these outcomes.

This information is published to assist trainees and their employers to make an informed decision regarding their selection of a Pre-Qualified Supplier for the delivery of their training and assessment services.

Summary of AQTF audit information

Audit Date: 15.04.2010

Qualifications Audited
Qualification Code Qualification Name
30782QLD Course in Functioning as a Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator


Audit Outcome Rectification

Was non-compliance identified


If Yes, non-compliance type Summary of non-compliance Actions taken to rectify the non-compliance

Has the non-compliance been rectified?



Explanatory Notes:

Non-compliance with the AQTF means that requirements of the above have not been met based on the evidence reviewed. Non-compliances are categorised as minor, significant or critical. For the purposes of the User Choice 2010-2015 program, only significant and critical non-compliances need to be published.

Minor: No, or minor, adverse impact on learners with no serious breakdown of provision of quality training and assessment

Significant: Significant adverse impact on learners with insufficient focus on quality training and assessment outcomes

Critical: Critical adverse impact on learners with widespread or persistent dissatisfaction with services and outcomes.

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