5 things I won't do now I'm an aged care nurse

24 May 2016 5:26 PMDPT DPT
5 things I won't do now I'm an aged care nurse

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Take my health for granted

It's easy to do in a busy life of nursing, kids or family and friends. You can see the many medical problems that are lifestyle related in your residents and the results. You may be able to postpone any problems by eating better, getting more exercise and looking at everything in a positive manner.

Take my ability to move and breathe for granted

Your body does it automatically and has been performing just fine your whole life - how could it break down or just stop as in a stroke. You can see every shift, you do in aged care, that the body does change in many ways and does not bounce back so well.  Don't take it for granted.

Take my family for granted

You see those residents whose family keep in touch with them and visit them are more supported than others whose familes don't. Read more about depression in the elderly here >> So cherish your family and friends. Tell them you love them everyday.

Skip those check ups - mamagrams, visits to the gyno, bowel scan screening, skin check ups

None of these are pleasant, you'd rather be doing anything else but. However, as we age these checkups are essential. Would you rather have chemo than a check up? 

Ignore signs in your body or feelings about anything

No you dont have to turn into a raging hypocondriac but.... if you've been feeling down or legathic for long time, or a niggling injury won't go away it's time for a check up. This may mean a trip to the psychologist. Mental Health is as important as Physical health. Nursing should teach you to be observant that means towards yourself too. 


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