9 hip aged care gizmo's that will blow your mind

21 Sep 2015 7:11 AMDPT DPT

Techno gadgets are not just for 20 somethings. 60 plus somethings are also using technology to improve their lives.

Gizmos for the older persons

1, An iTile to help memory impaired people to find valuables such as handbags, hearing aid cases or glasses cases

2. Wrist or necklace worn sensor alarms to monitor wandering patients or clients

3. Ipads carried by Home care workers. They give up-to-datei info on the client, up-to- date run sheets for efficient rostering, A Care Worker can update care details immediately after the visit. Also clients can sign off on the home visit straight onto the Ipad minimising paperwork

4. Feros Care have introduced Wheel-I-am. This is an Ipad attached to a Segway which takes residents on a tour. Recently some residents visited the Tweed Regional Gallery without leaving their armchairs

5. Video consults with GP's via a home computer so patients don't have to leave their home

6.'My health Clinic at home' is a program where clients can monitor their own vital signs that are sent securely to the health team

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7. Virtual reality aiding stroke victims' rehabilitation. A head worn device is helping stroke victims Similar to an Xbox, a screen is placed in front of the patients’ eyes. Obstacles come towards the participants or they may need to walk around or step over some

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8. A smart toilet that measures blood sugars in the urine, has a BP monitor mounted on the wall and a set of scales all in easy reach. The results are sent from the toilet to a doctor by an internet-capable cellular phone built into the toilet. wow! Spreadsheet of results are kept by the user to track progress. Ideal for diabetics, obesity and heart conditions that need monitoring

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9. A Study into caregivers' stress using wearable cameras. This study is tracking caregivers lives via cameras and sensors they wear

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