A day in the life of an aged care worker

29 Aug 2018 3:43 PMJen Fitzgerald
A day in the life of an aged care worker

It's a busy busy way to make a living. With good support from your co-workers and management it can be achieved.

This a “typical” morning shift when everything according goes to plan

5.15am alarm goes off – don’t panic you have everything organised the night before. Clothes tick, lunch tick, coffee tick.

5.20am Hit alarm for another 5-minute snooze

5.25am PANIC! Leap up, put coffee on, jump in clothes, grab lunch run out the door

6am on way to work time to relax and enjoy the dawn drive

6.25am arrive at work – sign in, get to handover, collect phone and keys

6.30am Handover – pay attention - take notes

6.40am Hit the floor running, check shower list and any special requests and events on

6.40am Get Mrs X up and into shower

6.55am shower #2

7.15am buzzer going for room 32 wants to go to toilet

7.30am compression stockings on resident

7.45am head to dining room to set up breakfast

8 am- start serving breakfast and set up 6 trays

8.30am deliver trays

8.40am – help in Dining room to clean up and wash up

9 am no time for 3rd shower time for break - phew.

9.15am answer all buzzers while co-worker who is off the floor

9.30am get Room 38 ready for outing

10 am get to 3rd shower

10.15am Morning tea round for 30 residents

10.45am clean up kitchen

11am Lunch break – yep lunch at 11am! You get used to it.

11.30am get Dining room ready for lunch. Transfer Mrs X again

11.45am Help with transfer on another floor – run around trying to find a spare pad

12pm Buzzers all over the floor– start bed making x 5 rooms

12.20pm Lunch arrives – mix up with orders. Kitchen not happy

1pm lunch finished clean up

1.30pm another transfer, do rubbish, do water jug round and BP

2pm Finish paperwork, last buzzers

2.15pm drop off keys and phone, write up progress notes, report to RN

2.30pm – stagger out the front door


However, if there are extra tasks like attending to a fall, or a new resident or a family request or food sent back to kitchen then it has to be squeezed in to this schedule somehow. With support from co-workers it can be done but very clear communication must be present.