Are you "just a nurse"?

14 Oct 2016 8:46 AMDPT DPT
Are you "just a nurse"?

Speak up for your profession and for your residents- one nurse did and it went viral. Nursing should have a better profile as shown by a recent article.


A recent story about an off-hand comment to a registered nurse that she is "just a nurse" has seen the topic go viral on social media.

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The facebook post received 3000 likes and had 900 comments in 3 days. These numbers show the great support for nurses, but the story also highlights the general societal attitude that take nurses for granted and that includes assistant nurses.

Have you ever had negative comments made about your job? When you told family or friends you were going to study aged care nursing what did they say?

Comments such as 'ewwwww' or 'that will be depressing'. " Nursing homes are just places for people to die" is a common one too.

And don't start on comments about people with dementia.

An Alzheimer's Society’s (UK) report showed that fifty percent of adults in the UK believe there is a stigma attached to dementia . Stigma means a mark of disgrace. As aged care nurses we deal with  people with dementia every shift, therefore we have to deal with this stigma. I'm sure you've heard many ignorant comments about aged care.

The point here is you are not "not just a nurse". Nursing is a noble profession on par with the police and firefighters. Aged care nurses should be on the same pedestal.

Nursing should have a more positive image in society and it is up to you to stand up for your profession and for your elderly clients/residents at the same time.

Next time someone makes a negative comment say something, speak up to help stamp out this stigma.

Image: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.