26 May 2012 10:23 PMLicensee Person

Australia's Population Reached 22.6 million in June 2011 but the growth is not balanced across all age groups, our population is growing older

Australia Needs Aged Care Workers

There are currently more than 1.35 million paid community services and heath industry workers in Australia and a further 323,000 expected by 2015.

Combine this with the fact it is the fastest growing industry, yet demand for services will still outweigh the availability of workers.

With 60% of the current workforce expected to retire in the next 10 years, within the next 20 years many will become clients of the Community Services and Health industry.

This indicates the levels of care required and the workforce numbers that will be needed to meet demands, many have commenced training in a Vocational Education Program to support the industry.

Now is the time to commence a training program to support these industries and sustain our future care needs of older Australians

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