Be the BOSS of your study

3 Sep 2015 7:30 PMDPT DPT

So it's been a while since you've studied and you're not sure how to start. Here are 5 traits of a successful student.

1. Stay focussed on your end goal. It’s very exciting starting a new course and a new career so keep this momentum rolling along through your course by staying focussed. Ask yourself why am I studying? Write this down in a few words and put up as a mantra at your desk or on your fridge. Find an inspirational quote.

2. Ask lots of questions in class. Doesn't matter if you think it is a trivial question. Ask it. It will help clarify information in your head. Other students may want the answer too. Discussion should be big part of the day as that’s one way we learn. Find out what kind of leaner you are here >> Are you a Visual, Auditory or a Kinaesthetic learner. Take this quiz to find out.

3. Take lots and lots of notes in class. That way you will retain information. Take a highlighter at the end of class and go over the main points, That way when you refer back to that topic you can find info quickly. This reviewing technique is a vital study skill .

4. Get your assignments in on time - don't let them pile up. There is a lot of assessment to be done in a short time so get as much done as you can in class and set aside a time each week to do any homework. Also when applying for a job they may ring your trainer as a referee and ask if you got assignments in on time -this has really happened!

5. Pay attention in class. Your mind may wander off at times. The Aged Care course is not riveting every moment of the day –lol. Go outside in the sun at breaks. It’s good for your brain to get fresh air. Take deep breaths if you are getting dozy in class. Eat well and get lots of rest during the course so you can sit for long periods of time. Once you get to placement and employment you won't be sitting at all so enjoy it while you can.

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