Be vigilant on Elder Abuse

11 Oct 2016 7:33 AMDPT DPT
Be vigilant on Elder Abuse

This week's topic is a reminder that Elder Abuse is everybody's responsibility.

A recent aged care tragedy in a Gold Coast facility highlights many faults in the systems that students are taught to follow.

A resident died in hospital from complications due to two large pressure sores. Read the full article from the ABC here >>

Despite Elder Abuse reporting being mandatory and despite many policies and procedures, incidents still happen.

Also In the Certificate 3 in Individual Support, students are taught about pressure area care, signs and symptoms. Elder Abuse is taught as is reporting – verbal and written. All nursing staff are taught the same.


The main lessons to learn are:

~ Follow Pressure area care guidelines

~ Always report any developing pressure sores – even a hint of redness should be reported

~Listen to relatives concerns about the resident’s health and report

~Follow up at handover or with your supervisor if your reported concern is not dealt with

~Report any elder abuse. Poor wound management can be seen as Elder Abuse, see the linked article, so it should be reported.

~ Any incident of concern can reported by staff to the Elder Abuse unit in your state – phone numbers here 

~Any staff member can also access the Aged and Disability Advocacy Australia hotline 1800 700 600.