Changes coming in Home Care – what are the impacts?

20 Feb 2017 9:42 AMDPT DPT
Changes coming in Home Care – what are the impacts?

Know the impact of the new Home Care Package reform on home care workers, service providers and clients. Learn more.


The next step in the government’s aged care reforms begins February 27th.  Home care package clients will have more control over their choice of service providers. Clients will be able to move providers more easily and allocate their funding to services they want.


Impacts on Home care workers:

~ You may see more clients move providers so your regular clients may change

~  If a client doesn’t like your work they can request another worker and if that doesn't happen the client can move

~ The client has the choice to move providers for any reason – however, there may be exit fees

~ Clients may keep a closer watch on care workers


Impacts for clients:

~ If Clients have been in interim care they will now be on a National prioritisation queue. If they have been assessed they will be moved from Band 1-2 to Band 2 or from Band 3-4 to Band 4 - which is good news for the client

~ If clients are receiving a Home care package and are happy with it there are will be no changes.


Impact on providers
~ More competitiveness in provider service as new clients can shop around and existing clients can move easily

~ New competitiveness in pricing

~ More flexibility required as clients can move


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