Get proactive - 5 benefits of volunteering

26 Sep 2016 3:31 PM
Get proactive - 5 benefits of volunteering

Completed your certificate, finished placement but can't find a job? Volunteering at an aged care faciltiy is great option.

No luck job hunting for an aged care nurse position?

Is your JSA on your case to get any job?

You may think that volunteering at an aged care facility will take up too much time - time you are meant to be using finding a job. But no!

Also, you may feel like you've done your share of unpaid work on placement.  However, just because you've completed your certificate, and you've been told there are lots of jobs, doesn't mean the job openings are there. If you live in an area of high unemployment, or a rural area, employed carers will hang onto their jobs for longer. 

So volunteering is a great option - it's better than sitting around doing nothing. Right? Get proactive.

There are many benefits to volunteering

1. You are more likely to get a paid job from it than applying online like everybody else. 

2. You may have a better experience than placement. You are part of the team now and have a definite role in the company.

3. The Community Visitors Scheme is another volunteer option. This is run by different organisations per state and is for isolated clients living at home that volunteers visit. It is a way for you to keep in touch with the aged care industry. Read more here >>

4. Volunteering looks good on your resume. 

5. You will be busy and will get to know the residents and be able to impress the boss with your skills.

Volunteering is not a job for when you can't get a job, it's a smart career move. Ring today!