"I'm on placement ...Get me out of here"

18 Apr 2016 7:59 AMDPT DPT
"I'm on placement ...Get me out of here"

DP Training students are trained to efficiently get their jobs done and cope with work-related stress attached to it. Check this out for more tips.

These observations were not part of a pilot for a reality show called ’I’m on placement get me out of here:” No - they are real life notes as I followed my students around torturing them with endless assessment questions.

Week 1

It's a blur.  Just finding the your way around, learning ressies names and getting use to different buddies. (See last week’s blog).

Working 5 days straight, on your feet for 7 hours can wear out even the hardiest.

Student’s main complaints are sore feet (true!) and keeping up the pace.


Feet – soak in ice water when you get home and invest in a good pair of solid leather supportive shoes.

The pace – your buddies don’t expect you to keep up – do your best.

Learning names – get a cheat sheet and write them down or ask for a handover sheet each shift.


Week 2

You are a bit more comfy and confident and getting use to the routine.

Your buddies have got to know you better too. Some students struggle this week though as the pressure builds. You may not be sure you even like the job. You may still feel lost particularly if you’ve had a run of tough love buddies who are not very encouraging.

Not confident? – Write some notes after every shift about your day. The good, the bad and the ugly. Pat yourself on the back for getting through week 2 of your placement.

Struggling? Ring your trainer, meet them when they are in and have a chat. Talk to an angel buddy you like too.


Week 3

By now you should be less task focussed and more about connecting with your residents. You should practising more of your buddy’s tips...not just listening to them. 

Learn more about medical conditions of ressies and also learn about triggers and residents living with Dementia.


One student when asked what are Mrs X's triggers were ,told me, “Dunno”. I said well go find out. He didn’t understand the importance of knowing triggers in the early weeks of placement but when he asked more questions he found that one ressie got agitated if she needed a puffer and also from boredom being in her room too long. He then understood more about her. Bingo!.


Jen Fitzgerald is former DPT trainer who was kidnapped by a horde of Ninja Penguins and dragged to Tasmania to work as an Aged care trainer and full time assessor. Fortunately she loves Penguins and has seen Happy Feet 3 times.

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