5 mammoth Xmas gifts for the oldies

20 Dec 2015 8:58 AMDPT DPT5 mammoth Xmas gifts for the oldies

Buying Xmas gifts for the oldies is a tough gig. Here are some excellent ideas.


Wow! I can see the light

7 Dec 2015 8:10 AMDPT DPTWow! I can see the light

Past DPT students know the feeling well and present students can see the end of the tunnel as they finish their course for 2015.


What the world should know about being a Personal Care Assistant (PCA)

28 Nov 2015 4:45 PMDPT DPT

Experience what it's like to become a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) by getting aged care courses offered by DP Training. Learn more.


How to be an awesome ray of sunshine

19 Nov 2015 12:42 PMDPT DPT

When working in nursing or as a Disability worker it's essential to be a ray of sunshine for your residents or clients.


My holiday snaps of Tasmania and a mouse brain?

12 Nov 2015 12:22 PMDPT DPT

Know the key points of her conversation with Professor Fran McInerney about the “Understanding Dementia” online course. Learn more.

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