It’s ‘eeek week’

21 Feb 2015 2:09 PMDPT DPT

It’s week 3 - are you sinking, paddling or going with the flow?

So you joined the course with lots of excitement and nervousness. Week 1 flies by and your head is swimming. By week 2 you are a bit more comfortable with the format and pace and by week 3 you should be starting to relax .

Help!! Welcome to ‘eeek week”. A week when some students relax and others start to fall behind. A week you may also doubt if you’ll will finish at all.

Number 1 tip - You have to treat your study like a job.

Say to yourself ‘I am a part time student’ or ‘I am and full time student.’ Start to get really seriously focused. Do as much work as possible in class and with your trainer one on one.

This is because there are less distractions in class. As soon as you get home there is the kids, the partner, the phone calls, house work, dinner to fix etc etc.

To work from home you need your own space, no interruptions from any friends or family, discipline and of course time.

Can you ask your family not to disturb you while you study? Can you not answer that call from a friend? Can you shut out the world? If yes great, if not then work in class or go to a local library before you get home from class.

You do not want to fall behind on even 1 or 2 units. It is very hard to find the extra time to do your current units plus the units that were due in last week.

So spend a bit more energy in ‘eeek week’ to relax and focus on one unit at a time. Don’t look ahead - don’t look back. Get focused now and ask for help if you are sinking. This is what the lovely DPT trainers are for.

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