It's a guy thang

9 Dec 2016 5:20 PMDPT DPT
It's a guy thang

Male aged care nurses make up only 10% of the workforce so treat them right ladies.

You may be surprised to hear about men being discriminated in the aged care workforce. They make up only 10% of the workforce which is dominated by Australian born, mature age females. This makes men in the minority.


A recent report showed that men were very surprised when they were discriminated against or not catered for. They are simply not used to it.


Many participants spoke of having to prove themselves and their competency. They were the butt of murse jokes not just inside the workplace but outside as well.


They were asked to wait weeks for extra-large uniforms that were not available when they started employment. Another nurse spoke of never being able to find extra-large gloves.


Also, some female residents did not want the male nurses to handle their personal care.

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However, male nurses are preferred by many male residents who get an overload of female care and females in their aged care homes. They are happy to have a bloke to chat to.

This video puts a funny spin on hospital murses and shows they do exactly the same job as females. Enjoy!