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Keeping it real- how ‘real’ can make you a better aged care nurse

Keeping it real- how ‘real’ can make you a better aged care nurse

An article from Scrubs Magazine (see the link at the end) is one of the best around because it keeps nursing ‘real’. That is so important when you are training or new to the industry.

The article shows a stock photo or staged photo with actors and then its opposite real photo or a send up of the stock one. An example is a meditating nurse image compared to acreal work sleeping nurse crashed out on the sofa – like the image attached to this article.

New AIN students always start with lots of enthusiasm and the desire to “help’ people. That is very noble and should be a strong motivating force to get you through the course, but at some stage a good trainer will slowly introduce the ‘real’.

Real life stories, the good, the bad and the ugly. Real exercises to show the time constraints and pressure you will be under. Real forms to fill in that show the reality of how much monitoring and paperwork there is. Real role-plays that give a sense of communicating with the elderly.

One of the best reality checks during the course is the manual handling day where students use ‘real’ equipment. Every student agrees afterwards that they learnt the most, of any part of the course, during that day.

The other reality check is a time management exercise using a ‘real’ handover sheet from an aged care facility with all the names of residents removed. Students are given 5 time constraints and a few instructions on what tasks have to be done during a typical 5 hour shift. They then have to plot out their shift in 30 min intervals and get all tasks done -. E.g. showering, feeding, toileting.

This exercise is a real eye opener for many as it shows the reality of how efficient you have to be and how quickly tasks have to performed.

Stock photos aren’t real - a good trainer who passes on their experience to you is so listen for the gems in between the theory. Be confident when you get on the floor and you will become a ‘real’ nurse.


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