Looking for a job in aged care ? Here is the lowdown

1 May 2018 5:19 PMJen Fitzgerald
Looking for a job in aged care ? Here is the lowdown

Read on for the lowdown on the industry and the reasons why that aged care job may take a while to secure. Learn more.

We hear the stats on a regular basis. According to the Council of the Ageing, by 2050 3.5 million Australians will need aged care services. That equates to a high demand for new aged care workers right? Not quite. A few observations follow that give an insight into getting employed.


One reason that jobs are not so plentiful is there are only so many aged care homes in Australia. They are not being built to keep up with the demand. Most new homes must be built on a large scale to be profitable and there are land and budget constraints. 


Aged care is mostly a for-profit industry and the largest cost is labour. Add, on top of that, the absence of staff to resident ratios. This means staff numbers can be kept to a minimum. There is no government regulation, like childcare, and funding is not enough. It can take 12 months to get government funding for an applicant, via a Level 1/2 Home and community package, and up to 3 years to get a level 3/4 for complex medical and psychological needs.

This means that home care services have to wait for new clients too because of this backlog. Which flows onto the number of new job openings. 


Another reason for the low number of jobs is that the average age of a care worker is 45 years old.  At that age, people don’t move jobs so often and they may stay for many years. So the aged care workforce is not very transient unlike hospitality for instance.


So how to get the jobs that are there.

1. Apply to any brand new homes that are being built

2. Apply to any homes you know are being expanded

3. Follow the tips from this past blog - 7 hacks to getting employed

4. Be persistent keep applying, keep ringing 

5. Volunteer at any facility

6. Volunteer at a local respite centre

7. Volunteer at Dementia Australia

8. Volunteer at an aged care related organisation

9. Ensure your resume is spot on and working for you. It should be 1-2 pages’ maximum and easy to read

10. Be prepared, if possible, to move to another area or interstate to get work

11. Consider doing your Endorsed Enrolled Nurse Diploma, in the future, – you may have more chances of getting work

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