Moving on up to RN or EEN?

26 Apr 2016 11:06 AMDPT DPT
Moving on up to RN or EEN?

Been thinking about going up the ladder? A fellow nurse or your trainer thought you might have the goods. Listen to them and learn.

Many AIN's are encouraged by their fellow RN's to go onto to further study. Your trainer may encourage this too. If this happens to you consider it a compliment.


An RN or trainer has recognised in you:

~ A willingness to go the extra distance

~ Good study skills

A compassionate nature

~ A tough exterior but soft inside

~ An interest in the medical side of the course

~ A quick problem solver

~ Patient/resident focussed

These are classic traits of a great RN or EEN. Many AIN’s move from the floor to the medication trolley and higher responsibilities. But they get invaluable experience as an AIN. They use these traits above, but also communication and connection skills with their residents. This connection goes way beyond just instructions, such as when to get up or to take a shower. A great AIN will chat about anything the ressie is interested in. It may be grandkids, the war, past loved ones… anything. This connecting skill is essential and shows a maturity in the AIN that means they may be ready to move on up.