Multi task like a pro - 6 tips to rock your shift

15 Sep 2016 2:48 PM
Multi task like a pro - 6 tips to rock your shift

Time management saves time duh but also your legs, mental state and makes your day go more smoothly. Here are 6 tips to rock your shift

The DPT blog “What will be expected of you” makes some good points about how to maximise time helping your fellow staff.


So let’s take time management for new nurses a few steps further….


  1. Always be carrying something to a room or away from a room.

On the way to room 15 to clean up? take the laundry to all the rooms on the way too. Always look for cups to take back to the kitchen, pick up linen on the way back. Get the idea! You should always have something in your hand or be pushing some form of equipment. Be it laundry or transferring Mrs Phelps in a wheelchair up to the dining room.


  1. Make notes at handover

Ensure you write lots of notes on your handover sheet and listen well at handover time. Residents’ emotional and physical condition can change from shift to shift and if you’ve been away a few days or worked in another section you’ll need a thorough catch-up.


  1. Make lists

From your notes make a list or mark off starting with no. 1 the most important jobs. There are the routine tasks such as meals and showers and transfer that occur at set times but there may be other tasks too. e. For example, monitoring fluid intake, wandering charts or behaviour charts. All these charts take extra time so you will have to fit them into your shift.


  1. Spread the workload with your buddy. Split up tasks so everything is covered.


  1. Special appointments

Extra appointments outside the normal routine tasks are very important for the residents

They may be family outings, visitors, doctor or physio appointments even hair appointments. You must know when they are and plan your time management around them.


  1. Ask lots of questions at the start of your shift or in handover to save time later.  

If you come in for a short shift and you’ve missed handover, then this is essential. Questions such as who should I shower first? or are there any changes I should know about?

Image source: CC commons