My holiday snaps of Tasmania and a mouse brain?

12 Nov 2015 12:22 PMDPT DPT

Know the key points of her conversation with Professor Fran McInerney about the “Understanding Dementia” online course. Learn more.


My holiday turned into so much more as I was shown through the different testing labs with many differing types of x-ray machines some in darkened rooms, one capable of examining the brains of live animals (who were anesthetised- phew!). My reaction as I walked from lab to lab was a jaw dropping wow!

I then spent an hour talking with Professor Fran McInerney (and an RN) about the “Understanding Dementia” online course I have been doing over the past 3 months. 55000 people have registered for the course over the past 4 years from 124 different countries and 70% have completed it.

Next week’s blog will be a detailed transcript of that chat but the main points were:

~ There is a lot of worldwide Dementia research but the WDREC is the only one combining human and animal research.

~ The WDREC is studying human behaviour through a project where people over 50 years are given a University course to complete to see if this higher level learning, at a mature age, “modifies subsequent ageing-related cognitive decline”.

~ That AIN’s have a vital role in Dementia Care.

~ As AIN’s we are well skilled in physical care but not in behavioural care with People living with Dementia. (PLWD)

~ We need to create a calm environment so communication can flow effectively between AIN’s and PLWD.

Thank you to Fran and the WDREC staff for your time and passion.

Jen Fitzgerald

Jen is the DPT Gold Coast trainer and is passionate about quality care for the Aged. She is an agency AIN of 8 years and in her spare tims enjoys spending large sums of money keeping her 1990 VW van on the road so she can enjoy the wonders of nature not screaming children in crowded camp grounds. P.S She is a mother of 2 too.

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