Not a newbie anymore

10 Sep 2018 10:05 AMJen Fitzgerald
Not a newbie anymore

What happens after the honeymoon period is over? You've completed your course, you've got your certificate and you've started your new job in aged care.

So you’ve finished placement and have started as a casual employee. Congratulations!

You’ve been through orientation, got the uniform, got the badge, got your roster and you are into your first month.


Step 1. Getting to know the routine of each section.

The routine may be: who to shower first, who needs compression stockings on first, who has an early breakfast, who wakes late etc, etc, etc.

Tip – ask someone experienced prior to starting each new section. You may have had a buddy shift but when you are on your own it’s quite different.


Step 2. Getting to know medical conditions

You don’t need a nursing degree - just a basic knowledge. You will gain this from your co-workers, handover sheets, care plans and RN’s. The condition may affect pain levels, mood changes, bowel movements and/or mobility. Ask lots of questions as you need this knowledge to know a person’s pain status, mobility requirements and level of supervision for personal care.

Tip- Knowledge is gold but don’t expect to remember everything in the first weeks or months.  You will be moved around several sections so take notes.

Write it all down – all the tips from your co-workers, notes on residents, food preferences etc, etc, etc.

See this blog for a typical day in the life of an aged care worker. 


Step 3. Look after yourself first

You are working to care for others but if you don’t look after your own body and mind you can’t provide this care.

Tip Read over the many self care blogs on this site. Type “self care” into the search box on the main blog page. Here is one to get you started

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