Observations by a nomadic nurse

15 Oct 2017 11:03 AMJen Fitzgerald
Observations by a nomadic nurse

Being a nomadic aged care nurse, I’ve worked in three different states, and it’s interesting to compare differences between my observations. Learn more.

Being a nomadic aged care nurse, I’ve worked across three different states and it’s interesting to compare differences from my observations. Also a quick overview of the industry overseas just in case you feel the urge to spread your AIN wings.


NSW, QLD and Tasmania


  • Low staff levels in relation to a number of residents – across all states
  • Pay rates are the similar in all states
  • Facilities look and run on a similar basis. Specialist units are appearing more
  • Small town Aged Care Facilities (ACF) are just as busy as larger city ACF’s

Differences between the states


  • an AIN is called an Extended Care Assistant or ECA
  • A wheelie walker is called a Rollator


  • Small town ACF’s have 20 -50 beds so AIN’s are expected to do cleaning and kitchen shifts as well as AIN shifts
  • There are less qualified and/or experienced staff due to low population base in smaller towns
  • Staff may know each other well as a small country town – that has pro’s and cons




  • The equivalent of an AIN is called Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA)
  • Same duties as an Australian AIN
  • Certificate required
  • Pay rate is approximate $15.36 AUD per hour


  • Same duties as USA and Australia
  • Two week course only to work in an ACF
  • Some facilities have visiting RN’s and others have RN’s on staff
  • Some have Dementia units  - many do not
  • Pay rate approximately $19.30 AUD per hour

source: http://educationcareerarticles.com/career-information/career-news/top-nurse-assistant-salaries-in-the-world