PPE for a bad mood – don’t spread the bad vibe germs

14 Mar 2016 8:14 AMDPT DPT
PPE for a bad mood – don’t spread the bad vibe germs

How to stay up and happy in nursing or as a DSW using PPE to keep the negative vibes away

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Could Negative Thoughts Affect Your Risk of Dementia? from Alzheimers.net

This is a study that shows that people who had negative thoughts about ageing can develop Alzheimer’s.

An interesting article that leads to another topic-  how could your negative thoughts affect your nursing?


Every shift we as AIN’s should show up and shine.  if we don’t, what are the results and what kind of ripples of effect do we make throughout our shift?

Our face and our vibe says it all. We can easily tell if someone is in a bad mood without them opening their mouth. Our residents/clients can catch our bad mood from us just like a catching a cold. These bad moods are infectious in a bad way and can spread too easily.

The negative ripple effect will show in how we care for our ressies or clients. A bit short handed, you may cut corners and/and be irritable with your work partner. For 7.5 hours? You can’t afford it. Being negative uses up a lot of energy and sucks energy from others.

So what PPE can we use to stop the spread?


Keep your protective gown of sunshine on. The one that beams happiness. Don’t let any bad moods from others get through and ruin your care.


Put gloves on your hands - those hands that give reassuring touches , gently transfer your residents and are delicate when needed and firm when needed also.

Face mask

Keep your happy face mask on all shift. Be a Ray of Sunshine see this past blog>> that explains how.


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