Pre-course jitters? Getting cold feet? Ace your first day in class

4 Sep 2015 4:29 PMDPT DPT

10 fears new students have and how to ace them before your first class.

So you're considering a new career in Aged Care, Home Care , Hospital work or Nursing? Here are top 10 concerns that students had before their course and some fix it tips.

1. I wont be able to keep up with lessons. Your trainer will support you throughout the course and will work with you 1 on 1. Thats why small classes at DPT are great.

2. It will take up too much of my personal time. Depending on your past experience with education, the course probably will take more time than you think. Allow approx 2 hours homework a week per unit.

3. If it gets too hard I'll want to quit. You will want to quit and may hit the wall maybe once, maybe a few times. Your enthusiasm will see-saw throughout the course. Tip - keep a firm eye on the end goal and you will get through.

4. I won't be able sit still in class for 6 hours! The course is structured so there are breaks and your DPT trainer will build in enough prac sessions or exercises to keep you awake. Tip - go outside in the sun and fresh air every break.

5. I wont know anybody. Your classmates will become like friends. You will share a lot of personal but its all confidential and what is said in the classroom stays in the classroom.

6. I wasn't great at high school with exams assignments - this will be the same. Your trainer will support you and are there to talk to you about any of these concerns. Have a quiet chat after class.

7. I'll fall asleep Tip - Stockpile chocolate/sweets and coffee lol. Eat well and sleep well before every class will help too.

8. I have a family and/or job as well as this course am I doing too much? Only you know how much the demands of your family job will be. However, if you are organised are able to block out a chunk of time , have a space to yourself to study in then you will be fine.

9. I don't know if this is the right career for me. Only one way to find out. Check out this blog about different paths for an an AIN career >>

10. Isn't Aged care work depressing? Definitely not. Have you heard of the saying 'Your attitude determines your altitude'? This applies perfectly to Aged Care work. If you focus on the negatives thats all you'll see .

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