Real life hairy AIN situations and how to cope

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Many AIN students and workers are under-prepared to be thrown into the deep end. Know real-life examples and what to say or do in response here. Learn more.

1. While assisting a male to bed in an aged care facility (ACF), the resident offers the AIN student a sexual favour. The student doesn't know what to say. She is embarrassed that she may have  been too friendly towards the resident. She just brushed it off at the time but was shocked afterwards.
The correct response? 
She would see her buddy and ask him/her to tell her about any behaviours any resident has. Also, next time, she should tell the resident it is inappropriate to talk to her like that. She should also make a progress note about it and bring it up at next handover.

2. You are put into a dangerous situation with a highly aggressive, person with a disability.  This is your first shift. There are no duress alarms, no safe rooms it is just a normal suburban home and you are expected to stay there for 9 hours. In theory you would run out the door after the first punch was thrown but you don’t want to look like you are incapable of doing the job - so you stay. You don't want to lose your job. Despite the 3-hour induction with a buddy the week before, being on your own is very different. This is a true story. 
The correct response? 
Swallow your pride and ring the supervisor and tell them what is happening. Your employer has a duty of care not to put you in any harm so insist on a second person be sent to the house or you will leave.

3.Your buddy asks you perform a reposition of a bed bound person without using a slide shift saying “It's quicker".
The correct response? 
Say “I'm new and would like to practice more on the slide sheet”. Then say nothing else and get the slide sheet out and hand it over to your buddy. They can’t refuse it. They know they have a duty of care to perform the correct technique for your sake and the residents. If they insist tell them you will go find someone else to help them. 

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