Resources that will boss your study

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Resources that will boss your study

There are many, many, many, many, many resources for Aged Care/Nursing/Disability and HACC. Here are some go to websites for students.

Your trainer will provide you with many resources to complete your course but there are many other sources of information to add to your knowledge. Facebook also has a world of Aged Care/Nursing/Disability and HACC pages too.

Aged Care

Australian Ageing Agenda


Description: Australian Ageing Agenda is an independent magazine, news service and information hub about ageing issues and aged care in Australia


 1.Nurses Uncut Australia



Description: Nurses Uncut is an online community for Australian nurses and midwives, where you can share experiences, news and opinion 

2. Scrubs – U. S.A



Description: ‘An online and print magazine that celebrates and supports nurses with weekly giveaways, expert tips, scrubs style advice, anecdotes, and blogs written by and for nurses.’


People With Disability Australia (PWDA)


Description: (PWDA) is a national disability rights and advocacy organisation. Posts on NDIS, awards, PWD stories.

Home Care

My Aged Care


Contains: The Federal govt's portal for all aged care services, HACC assessments and information.


Dementia Training Study Centre (DTSC) – Aus


Description: Latest research on Dementia in Australia


All related topics to Aged Care/Disability and HACC

1.Set up a Google alert on any topics

Go Google alerts. You can set daily or weekly alerts. Sources from around the world.

2.DP Training Facebook page

Every week we share 5 posts from all the above sources and more. Click follow on the DPT page.

Want more?

The above is a fraction of what is available  Check out our DPT Facebook page go to ‘Liked pages’ on left hand column under photos – there are over 50 organisations we follow – a great one- stop info centre for you.


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