Seven more great reasons to enter aged care nursing

5 Aug 2016 4:49 PMDPT DPT
Seven more great reasons to enter aged care nursing

There are many reasons to consider Aged Care and this article may see you agree with 2 or 3 or more!.

The DPT blog posted 2 weeks ago, ‘You’re halfway there’,

stated many good reasons to enter nursing. Reasons like the experience of nursing an elderly parent or have worked in Aged Care as a kitchen hand or cleaner.

Also, students say they want to help people and to make a difference.

However, what are the practical reasons some people go into aged care nursing?

  • Nursing can be a steady job plus there can be good job security – it's a 24/7 job and demand for jobs is rising steadily. 
  • The amount of local Aged Care Facilities (ACF)  in some areas, like the Gold Coast.  As an example, on the southern end of the Coast, there are 10 ACF's within a 20 km radius.
  • More education – some students want to use their brain rather than stay in a sedentary job. 
  • Many people use aged care nursing as a stepping stone onto becoming an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse or a Registered Nurse. You can get a lot of credit units between the Certificate 3 and the Diploma in Nursing (EEN).
  • Others say the variety and challenge of the career is a factor.
  • Shift work hours can suit many people also. Some like night duty hours so they are home with family in the morning. Others like to be home when the kids get home from school so enjoy the AM shift.
  • You may like the hands-on physical nature of the work. You are always on the go and never bored on the job.