Student Survival tips part 2

14 Nov 2014 6:56 PMDPT DPT

Part 2 of Survival guide for students going on AIN placement. Tips to de-stress, how to look after your back and your well being.

Survival guide to placement part 2.

This week in class we’ve been discussing placement prep and ways to make the placement journey a positive one.

1 Most important Look after your back. Remember B for back straight and bend at the hips, A for avoid twisting and lifting, C is for Close to the load and K - keep all movements smooth. Practice the correct manual handling techniques, you’ve been taught, at every opportunity. Your back will love you for it.

2 Always wear PPE – minimum is gloves for every contact with a resident, any spills and waste management. Waste of any kind be it linen, food, tissues, pads etc.

3. Do not cut corners if you are busy or being rushed along. Go your own pace – you are a student and should be treated as such. Ask your buddy to slow down and for guidance.

4. Work at a steady pace – don’t use up all your energy on the first few residents, pace yourself through the day and keep a calm manner.

5. De-stress tips. Take 3 deep breaths. Take a tissue soaked in lavender and put in your pocket or bra to breathe in to. Also great for those smelly situations.

6. Always ask for help - don’t perform any task without getting all the instructions first. The resident’s mobility, hearing, sight, temperament, independence level, mental state, preferences for personal care. You should have all this information for every resident before any task.

7. After every shift do somthing nice for YOU. You’ve just spent 7 hours helping others so time to spoil yourself. Be it a walk, yoga or a Pilates sess. Get a massage regularly. Try Massage Schools of Queensland for a student massage - only $25- $35,

See Facebook page (search DPtrainingau) for more tips.