The power of the pad

6 Jun 2017 9:30 AMJen Fitzgerald
The power of the pad

A simple piece of paper can change your work life. Get writing and get clued onto improving yourself at work.

An article about improving AIN skills in dementia care highlights the importance of taking notes, hence the power of the pad.. the note pad. A group of AIN’s were asked to write a journal after every shift. The AIN's found that they become more questioning of their own caring practices rather than just doing tasks as instructed. They were asked to write down ideas, new strategies for different residents and time spent with residents. Basically what they wrote helped make sense of a busy sometimes chaotic shift. It showed the AIN’s how much or how little real interaction they had.

Comments from the study participants “…I have started to reflect all the time on my work, to improve my weak points and see new ways of caring for these residents…I think it has really improved our teamwork”

Another said "I think it is really important to think about your work, re-evaluate your decisions and see how things can be done better.It just makes sense. I realised that care delivery is when residents can be themselves, and comfortable with themselves. This can only be done by talking to them warmly and sharing their experiences",

With the number of people diagnosed with dementia in Australia projected to increase, to 1.13 million by 2050, it is vital that AIN’s go beyond just being task masters - just showering or feeding. AIN's need to think about their own work and not just follow orders. In a recent blog called “Don’t be a machine one new worker observed this during placement as was determined not to be a machine when she got to employment. Read here>>