Time to pay attention - Industry report

21 Nov 2017 1:55 PM
Time to pay attention - Industry report

Three recent Australian industry studies show up some interesting facts about the aged care workforce.

Three recent Australian industry studies show up some interesting facts about the aged care workforce.


  1. Staff turnover

According to research by RMIT, staff turnover within the Aged Care sector is currently at 25% a year*. Another report ** shows that the main reasons are moving house, moving closer to work and gaining more hours.

Another factor is the age of the workforce. The average age of an Aged Care worker is now 53 years **, so this turnover rate is expected to worsen as the ageing workforce retires.


2. Further training

The NILS** report asked participants what they thought of their Cert 3. Concerns about the length of the course and the length of placement were the main comments. They also commented on wanting more training in dementia and palliative care, chronic disease management, medication and wound management. Also behaviour management, communication with clients and families, and time management.


3. Aged care graduates are happy with their training but employers are not

In a 2015 review by the South Australian Government *** of aged care employers, many said that “one-third of hired graduates could only perform some or ‘very limited’ duties”. However, when graduates were asked about their training they were mostly very satisfied. This shows a miss-match between the graduate’s perceptions and the employer's perceptions of the quality of training.


Report Sources 

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