Watch your language young lady/man

28 Nov 2016 5:29 PMDPT DPT
Watch your language young lady/man

Keep labels out of your workplace - check yourself and others. Learn to speak from the heart.

It's time to revisit the subject of appropriate language in aged care.

The blog - "label jars not people" talked about being careful not to use words such as  'he is cranky' or "she's always like that" when referring to residents/clients. Other words you will hear too often are "difficult" and "attention seeker".

These labels stick unfortunately and, as the blog points out, then set like concrete. These words are disempowering to the resident/client unprofessional and disrespectful.

Alzheimer's Australia has a fantastic guide for language that can be used for all aged care situations and for all conditions, not just Alzheimers.

Another kind of language to watch is the tone of your voice. Ensure it is not a baby voice that sounds like you are talking to a child. Older people do not want to be spoken to in this manner.

Listen carefully to others and yourself on your next shift. You will hear these words and tone of voice from your work mates. Point this out to them, gently of course, as they may not be aware they are doing it. Check yourself too. Make a real effort to stop poor language use in your workplace.

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