Welcome to all new 2016 DPT students

1 Feb 2016 8:02 AMDPT DPT

5 survival tips to help you through your first weeks.

5 survival tips for your first 2 weeks

  1. The first few days may be overwhelming.  That is a gimme. Go easy on yourself. Don’t expect too much from yourself especially if you haven’t studied for a while.  It will sink in.
  2. Get organised – your life, your study space at home, your family. This is very important to do early in the course. Clear a space to study wherever you can in your home. Declare it your own and keep it clutter free.
  3. You are not on your own. Meet and chat with your fellow students- you’ll be surprised how much support they will provide over the next weeks. Your trainer will encourage this and will do group work so students’ get to know each other very quickly.
  4. Talk with your trainer if you have any issues that may affect your learning. Any medical or personal issues. If you can’t attend a class contact your trainer as soon as possible. If you can’t get in your assessments in on time then talk with your trainer. Any learning or hearing issues. Talk one on one with your trainer and they can adjust seating, lighting or the speed of the class to support you.
  5. Keep on top of the assessmentsGo steady with your assessments. Find the best time to study to fit with your commitments. It may be early morning or late after the kids are in bed or you can stay back in class and get a 30 minute session done before you go home. Try to find that time you work best and keeping up with assessments will be a lot easier. Some assessment will be done in class so it's not all homework.


Author - Jen Fitzgerald is an experienced trainer and Assistant Nurse of 8 years who try’s makes class time fun. She has 2 kids who have taught her many lessons valuable for being an AIN.

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