What I wish you knew - a trainers view

2 Jun 2016 10:41 AMDPT DPT
What I wish you knew - a trainers view

A trainer shares a few thoughts to share which are a ‘given’ but not always known by students. Learn more.


~ I want you to succeed and complete the course

We surely do. It gives us trainers’ immense pleasure on the final day to see your “end of course’ smiles.

~ We will support you

I sympathise with your sick kids, sick you, car problems or other personal problems.  I really do and I will support in you any way I can. The bottom line is all assessments have to be handed in and every question answered despite life getting in the way sometimes.

Please do not text in the classroom

Don’t build a wall of books or handbags and think I don’t know you are texting behind it.  I’m a mum and a nurse, which means I have extra superpowers of perception and eyes in the back, front and side of my head. LOL However, it is disrespectful and doesn’t show good character.


~Respect is earned and it starts in the classroom

See above point. If you respect me as a trainer then we will have a smooth ride. Also in the workplace there are many different types of buddies’ whose respect needs to be earned. Some types more than others. See the nurse buddy blog here>>

~ Ask me questions. Lots and lots and lots of questions

~ I will support you...

with learning issues, language issues, physical issues and/or placement fears. But remember I’m not a psychologist. I can’t solve all your personal problems but I can support your learning if these problems affect it.

~Assessment is not meant as a form torture set by trainers

~I was once in your seat


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