Wow! I can see the light

7 Dec 2015 8:10 AMDPT DPT
Wow! I can see the light

Past DPT students know the feeling well and present students can see the end of the tunnel as they finish their course for 2015.

From the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, to the Gold Coast and down to Newcastle the relief of students finishing their 2015 DPT courses is everywhere.


OMG it's over!  

I never thought I'd make it!

These are some of what you'll hear in the last few weeks of 2015. It is a huge relief for all including the trainers.

Whether you're with DPT as an external student or you did a fast track course or it was a leisurely but long 14 weeks, the end result is the same. 

Relief, sadness it’s finishing, saying goodbye to your class buddies and the loss of a major focus in your life.

There are also many fears about placement at this time as well. Students bring the topic up often in the last few weeks and trainers spend time allaying these fears while trying to keep students focussed on the last few units. Here are two blogs (prepared earlier lol) that address these fears. 

Placement Survival tips Part 1>>   Placement Survival tips part 2>>

So enjoy the last weeks of the course, it may be a slog to some who have a few units to get in or a relaxing time for those on top of it. It may also be a sinking feeling that the real world of nursing or disability work is getting close and the safety and support of the cosy like classroom will be no more, - it

Be present

Be brave, be scared but always be present for your ressies or clients no matter how you are feeling. 

It is all about them now not you. They must be your focus.

Your placement time will go so fast and past students have all said they get more and more confident every shift. There are ups and downs though and your head will spin but with a good buddy and good open communication you all be fantastic Assistant nurses or DSW’s.


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