Xmas Gifts for caregivers - from the heart

5 Dec 2016 9:43 AMDPT DPT
Xmas Gifts for caregivers - from the heart

Caregivers have unique needs. You can give a gift from the heart to make life a little easier


Gift of time

Make up coupons to put into your Christmas card

2 hours of gardening and/or

respite, cleaning, mowing, ironing.

Remind them after Xmas and book a time. Take the initiative.

Get the grandkids or younger relatives to make up vouchers too


Gift of fun

Movie tickets, Amusement parks, concerts, Kids concerts


Gift of relaxation

Massage voucher

Aromatherapy session

U3A gentle exercise classes like chair yoga. Google “U3A” (University of Third Age) in your area. They have many types of courses.


Gift for Entertainment

Netflix or similar subscription so the caregiver can watch programs anytime it suits them, or record and watch later in down time.


Gifts for their hobbies

Craft kits


Magazine subscriptions

Online subscriptions


Gifts to keep in touch with loved ones

It's too easy for caregivers to become isolated. Gift an Ipad or tablet so they can keep online anywhere in the house and see incoming calls via Skype, wechat or a similar programme.

Also, add a gift of an instruction lesson too if required.


MOST IMPORTANT GIFT OF ALL – the gift of love

Keep in touch with the caregiver. You make the effort and encourage all your family to keep in touch. Don’t expect the caregiver to have the time or energy. It’s a gift of love.

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