This workshop is designed  as an awareness session which will benefit all carers/support workers who work with people who suffer from epilepsy.

The workshop helps to give an understanding of the types of seizures that you may observe and how to manage them.



  • Overview/History of Epilepsy

  • What are causes of Epilepsy

  • Diagnosis

  • Different types of seizures/classification

  • Triggers of seizures

  • First Aid

  • Midazolam and Medication Administration

  • How to monitor and record seizure activity

  • The health and social implications of epilepsy

  • The role of a carer for a person with epilepsy


Workshop Duration:   2 hours


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Feedback received from group training session for Support Workers


"I attended Epilepsy training yesterday and would just like to give you the feedback that it was great. The Trainer is a brilliant teacher and the whole session was very relevant to all staff – including mental health. Many years ago I spent 3 years training as a Psychopaedic nurse and education around epilepsy, seizures etc was a large part of this, therefore I was a little sceptical as to how much I would learn. However I was bowled over by what I was hearing yesterday. Ian was able to relate to all in the room and spoke in a very down to earth, practical language. I am sharing this feedback with anyone I can think off as I was so impressed"

 C Welch -Senior Coordinator, Residential Support,