5 Star Training

25 Mar 2015

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Lea Rigney Trainer – 5 star

Aged Care Student Kylie 

♥ Thank you for the last eight weeks. I learnt more than I ever have at uni and actually my whole life! I now know how to make every day count, to wake up every day and be thankful to be alive and to have full use of my arms & my legs and be able to eat and toilet independently.
Not to blow my own whistle but I also learnt heaps about myself and realised that I am stronger than I thought I was. Bu...t in saying that [and I know I've told u this before] but I wouldn't have gotten through that first week without you. And after I saw you at the end of the week it was like my whole outlook had changed and I was determined to finish clinical and be the nurse you wanted us to be. It has been an absolute pleasure being in your classroom and I will never forget the journey. Your caring, kind-hearted and empathetic manner and support are an absolute blessing any organisation should be proud to have you. I feel pleased and exceptionally fortunate having met you and I doubt my life will ever be the same again. Bless you Lea ♥