Testimonial M Vargas

8 Sep 2018

The knowledge and skills I learnt from them are certainly being helpful to my job.

What should I do? Where do I begin? How would I start again?.

Those are just some of the questions I have in my mind since I moved for good here in Australia which indeed a very large world for me to begin with as a citizen from a third world country. A country where everyone are striving hard to win their battle in the field of competency.

"if others can, why can't I?" one of the sayings that could help you achieve your goals, but what more important is whom would you connect as a training ground to begin with. There are many training centers/trainers here in Australia that has so many good feed back but I am very lucky that I have chosen the best one, DP training Center.

Since I have nursing background I liked to broaden my knowledge and develop my skills and Aged Care is a good introduction to go back to nursing. I am very happy with the way of learning in DP Training. It was a remarkable experience to have, you can't ask for more if you are ever learning with fun. Teacher/s are precise with the explanation, they encourage us to work together and develop good communication skills, especially as international students. In addition to that, the assignments are really helpful to learn English and specific topics of our field. Also to my mentor Raylee Gormley who gave me lots of helpful advices to stand strong on my chosen career path.

As of the moment I am now currently working as an AIN in OPAL Aged care Facility, I would never make it without the help of DP traning, all the knowledge and skills I learnt from them are certainly being helpful to my job.