Fulfilling and Beyond my Expectations

21 Jan 2015

DP Training allows its students, graduates and staff to share their training experiences. Get a glimpse of what they feel by checking this.

Testimonial from Terry :  Trainer Jen

Jen (our Tutor at Southport) always had an anecdote to bring the theoretical teachings to a practical level.  Thus, her classes were always interesting and brought home the relevant points.  Her keen-ness and preparedness filled the students with a desire to think outside the box.  This stimulation inspired me to look forward to my next class, each week

Testimonial from Terry : DP Training Pty Ltd

DP Training Pty Ltd (Deb Goodeve) has been at all times, professional and prompt in replying to any enquiries, prior to starting my course and during, which left me in no doubt that I had selected the correct Training Provider.

My dealings and furthering of my career with DP Training Pty Ltd, was fulfilling and beyond my expectations.  I would not hesitate to do future courses through DP Training and would highly recommend this Provider.

Thank you Deb.  Above is meant and said, with 100% sincerity