Return to Work Coordinator.

Introduction to return to work coordination

Introduction to return to work coordination is a two-day WorkCover approved course for people planning to work as a return to work coordinator in NSW


A return to work coordinator is an employee nominated by an employer (or a contractor engaged for the role) whose principal purpose is to assist injured workers to return to work in a safe and durable manner. The return to work coordinator ensures the policy and procedures in an employers return to work program are followed.

Guidelines for employers return to work programs


The aim of this course is for participants to develop basic skills and knowledge in the management of workplace injuries


Under workers compensation law, category 1 employers (ie employers whose basic tariff premium exceeds $50 000 annually as well as self insurers, and employers who are insured by a specialised insurer and employ more than 20 workers) must have a return to work coordinator.


The skills and responsibilities of a return to work coordinator include:

  • developing and implementing a return to work program, educating the workforce, keeping injury and return to work statistics and developing policies and strategies to improve systems
  • providing information to injured workers on benefits and the return to work process, as well as the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998 and the Workers Compensation Act 1997and the
  • determining an injured workers needs by discussion with the worker, their nominated treating doctor and other treating practitioners
  • identifying suitable duties consistent with section 43A of the Workers Compensation Actr 1987 and developing and implementing a return to work plan
  • working with the insurer to develop an injury management plan for the injured worker
  • being the main point of contact for the injured worker
  • coordinating and monitoring the workers progress in treatment, rehabilitation services and return to work plans
  • excellent written and verbal communications skills, including negotiation and listening skills
  • decision making skills
  • case and caseload management
  • organisational and time management skills.


Whilst there are no mandatory requirements for entry to this course, it has been found that an effective Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator requires:

  • Sound Interpersonal skills
  • Good written and communication skills
  • Sound numeracy skills
  • Ability to enlist the support of both management and workers
  • Good organisational ability

Course Content

  • Overview of the workplace injury management and workers compensation system
  • Components of an employers return to work plan
  • Role of the return to work coordinator
  • Working with key players
  • Working with the nominated treated Doctor
  • Putting theory into practice
  • Role of the insurer
  • Benefits for injured workers
  • Developing a return to work plan
  • Dispute prevention and resolution

Upon completion, participants will be able to competently:

  • List the main components of the workplace injury management and workers compensation system;
  • Idenitfy the key components of a return to work program
  • Explain the role of a return to work coordinator
  • Be familiar with the role of the insurer in injury management
  • Identify key issues in working with Doctors, Rehabilitation and Treatment Providers
  • Provide basic information regarding injured worker entitlements
  • Develop a return to work plan
  • Identify appropriate dispute prevention and resolution strategies
  • Know where to access more information about injury management and workers compensation


This course is designed to be run over two days

Course Completion

Upon completion of the course DP Training & Consultancy will forward your details to Workcover NSW, at which time your name will be registered on the NSW Workcover Database and you will be forwarded a Workcover certificate.

Course Dates;

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